jnathan melville


My name's Jonathan.

(But everyone calls me Jo.)

I'm a science, technology, and policy fellow in the Solar Energy Technologies Office at the Department of Energy.

I completed my PhD in chemistry in 2021, studying inorganic electrochemistry under Yogi Surendranath at MIT.

My thesis work focused on the deep decarbonization of industrial processes reliant upon fossil hydrocarbons.

I also made the group website and obtained modest success running our lab Twitter as a electrochemistry meme account.

While at MIT, I was a Graduate Resident Adviser at East Campus.

For four years, I served as an underpaid student advocate, mental health paraprofessional, and puzzlehunt organizer for a hall of 40 undergraduate residents.

I think they liked me, because they gave me an engraved sword when I graduated.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2016.

While there, I worked with the Long Group on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

Let's just say there's a reason the lab tour is a text adventure.

My PhD research specialized on the electrochemical activation of small molecules, as a sustainable alternative to carbothermal industrial processes.

Also, I have sixteen academic citations on random lab reports I wrote as an undergrad.

That makes sense, right?

Long Group

UC Berkeley

I worked for Jeff Long for a while. His website was bad, so I made a better one. With a text adventure.

Center for Gas Separations

Department of Energy

Jeff Long also hired me to make this. So I did.

Schreier Group

UW Madison

I made this website too.

Surendranath Group


I also worked for Yogi Surendranath for a while. His website was bad, so I made a better one. With Tetris.

Pai Group

University of Massachusetts Medical School

I made this website for Athma Pai, then immediately stole all the formatting and structure to use for this site.

In my free time, I produce electronic music and write tabletop RPG modules.

You won't find anything here, though.